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Few days ago there was a sale on and i got a domain for a 0.89$. Mostly because has drastically shrunk canceled  their free services, I wanted it for personal use for my home machine that gets IP dynamically. Since I’m a fan of DD-WRT and have been using it for quite a while on my home router, I wanted it to update my DNS record when its IP changes. Out of the box DD-WRT doesn’t support Namecheap’s DDNS service but can be customized to work with it.

After an hour or so of testing and googling, here is the only configuration that i managed to get working on latest release of DD-WRT v24-sp2 (05/27/13) std (SVN revision 21676).

DDNS Service: Custom
DYNDNS Server:
Password: password you got from namecheap ddns service
Hostname: hostname or enter @ if you want to point directly to your domain

URL: /update?

Note: Don’t enter anything after &host= even if you have a subdomain.