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  1. First off thanks for the help! But I don’t seem to get it working. I’ve changed the piwigo config file and added the htaccess with my LDAP settings. Then I activated the ldap apache module and restarted apache, but I can’t login with LDAP users. Is there any way to verify my LDAP URL and to get some logging? Because I checked the apache logs, but there is no mention of ldap in there.

  2. Ok, got it to work now. Not using a .htaccess file but applying it directly to my piwigo apache2 config file.
    Seemed I had selected the wrong CN for bind account, default Windows AD base CN is ‘Users’. Found it by using:
    ldapsearch -LLL  -H ldap://dc1.example.com -x  -D ‘example\test_user’ -w ‘password’ -E pr=1000/noprompt -b ‘cn=Users,dc=example,dc=com’ ‘(&(objectClass=*))’ sAMAccountName

    • Im trying to set this up with Micr$oft AD and having trouble would anyone mind contacting me and let me know how you got this working im still having trouble getting it to pass credentials.

  3. Thanks for your very useful post!
    Just a small improvement: In the latest Piwigo versions it’s better if you copy the /piwigo_root_dir_include/config_default.inc.php to /piwigo_root_dir_include/local/config/config.inc.php and change the local file.

    Sadly this way it’s not possible to have a ‘open public’ site and a ‘closed private’ site at the same time. I don’t expect it to be soon, but a working LDAP plugin to Piwigo seems still quite valueable.

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