20 comments on “Hyper-V Server 2012 won’t mount ISO from a network share

  1. “You need to assign full NTFS and share permissions to computer account of Hyper-V on a shared folder with ISO’s you want to mount.”

    What is the computer account of Hyper-V? Is this an A.D. user?

    • Computer accounts are AD objects like users. They do not appear in search by default but you can assign permissions to them the same way you would for users.

  2. Thomas – Is there a similar solution if I do not have an AD and if this a home lab with a NAS device?

  3. I have a lab in my home and I don’t want to setup AD, apart copy to local drive, any other workaround solution? Thanks!

  4. Could not figure this one until I found your post, thank you thank you! To others, I did not need a restart of my HV (thank goodness) to have the permissions take effect… perhaps the token system in Active Directory is different for computers than it is users, so the need to log out/log in isn’t needed for new permissions to take effect?

  5. Also, to those trying to install an ISO (if you say burn an ISO as a file (not an extracted image) to a disc), if it is not working copy and paste the ISO to the hyper-v drive (or your windows share if you got the above working), as Hyper-V has trouble reading image formats that are sparsed.

  6. Another convoluted and completely unnecessary mess to get something that should be simple working. Nice job Microsoft.

  7. Worked for me , thanks for sharing. I also had to reboot the Hyper-V host though. Fortunately it’s in a 6-node 2016 Hyper-V cluster, so I could live migrate the VMs elsewhere first.

    The next question though, is going to be how to delegate for all the hosts using a GPO or something…

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