17 comments on “Windows Server 2008 – WDS gives PXE-E32:TFTP open timeout error when clients boot

  1. I have set the UdpPortPolicy on the server, restarted, but still getting the same error. Is there something else that might be preventing this from working?

  2. Try setting both UdpPortPolicy and widening WDS port range to respond from. That should definitely work, if that doesn’t help it must be some other issue.

    You could also use netstat to check what ports are being used by DNS service and WDS.

  3. Had the same timout error and i ve been google like crazy. Finally, the 4th day, setting “UdpPortPolicy” to 0 was the solution for me.
    All else changes made in past days reverted to default WDS except for port 67 listening because of linux dhcp server.
    Thanx a million! Was going mad about it.

  4. Had this problem on one of the servers at work, tried this and worked like a charm, cannot thank you enough 😉

  5. Hi….Thank you Sooooooo much….I tried this and ” It Works”………………..Thanks a lot…i face this problem suddenly after so many times use PXE boot…and i am thinking that after updating my Symantec Antivirus security update i face this problem it might b bcoz of Antivirus updation….Anyveys Thanks you so much

  6. Hi Zarko,

    This is kishor, i had faced the same kindo issue, really hatsof for your solution, it works for me.

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  8. This post is the best thing that happened to me today. Thank you so, so much for typing this out and sharing it!

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